Waiting for the right moment.

Money was scarce and his family were hungry so the man decided to grow his own food.  He couldn’t stand the looks on the faces of his wife and child.  It was winter and they were all cold.

One morning he got up early, pulled out his old spade and went outside.  He dug and dug and turned over the earth.  It was heavy and the ground was cold but the gardener kept on digging.  He prepared a bed for his tiny little seeds and then he carefully planted them in rows and covered them over.

carrots, vegetable gardenThe gardener watched the wind, so that the seeds would not be uncovered.  He watched the rain to make sure they did not drown.   The seeds took hold and as spring approached they popped their green heads out of the warming soil.

Still he guarded the bed.  He guarded against insects that might chew on his plants and he guarded against birds that might eat the young, tender buds.  He pulled out the weeds that fought for food and space until finally, one day, the plants were fully grown.

Spring warmed the air and the earth and the work was not so hard.  In joy the gardener watched his vegetables appear and grow larger until they were ready for harvest.  With an ache in his back he bent and picked the biggest and best vegetables he could find to take to his family.

He opened the door into his hut and found silence.  The room was empty, except for his wife sitting silently in the corner and the table was bare.  “Mama, where is the family?  I have grown and harvested food for us to eat.”

“Papa, the children have gone.  Your vegetables are beautiful but they took too long to grow.  The children have gone out to work for money and food.  They don’t live here any more.”

There is a moral to the story, of course, but it is one that we should all be mindful of.  We spend so long waiting for the time to be right before we make a change that we lose the time in between.  Why wait until after Christmas to start that diet?   Why do you have to wait until you look perfect before applying for that job?  Why wait until you make over your health or your life?

Go out and look at how you are living your life right now.  What do you want to change?  What is holding you back and how important is it?  Nine times out of ten whatever is stopping you from living the way you want to is some artificial blockage that you have constructed yourself.  If you put it there then you can also remove it.

Living your best life is about living in the present, not the future.  Today will be gone before you have realised that it is even here.  Don’t just wait for the harvest.