The Garden Party

At the end of your garden where tall flowers growinsect garden party

That’s where you’ll see all the party bugs go


On a big flower table sit delicious sweet bites

Of raspberry fruit cake and honey delights


Miss Butterfly with her silvery wings

Brings along cakes and puddings and things


Pretty Miss Bee in her stripy new dress

Pours cups of tea for all special guests


At the top of the tall grass Spider spins webs

Making a sunshade to go over their heads


With rose buds for cups and petals for plates

It’s a feast full of fun but what noise it creates!


The crickets they sing a song full of rhyme

Rubbing their wings together in time


Dragonfly strums on his creeping vine

Damselfly helps the band stay in time.


Ladybird dances and puts on a show

With leaf moth she twirls and a-waltzing they go


The garden’s a party so now you know

Follow the party bugs and enjoy the show.