sleepy sheep

One Dreamy Sheep

In a soft green paddock where good things begin

Lives one dreamy sheep and his great big grin


He loves to sleep, and sleep he does best

When he tiptoes away in secret to rest.


He dreams sweet dreams of skies big and blue

While other sheep wonder what good it can do.


one dreamy sheep


“Wake up Dreamy Sheep; you can’t sleep all day

Come run up the hill! We think you should play.”


“No thank you”, he laughs, with a grin and a wink

I played in my sleep! Much more fun, I do think.


So off he trots with a skip and a leap,

To find a new place to sneak a quick sleep.


He dreams of rolling ’round in clean hay,

Of finding a magical place to play.


Of blossoms and lollies as sweet as can be,

Flowering out of a milk chocolate tree.


The grown ups decide to find out some more

And wake Dreamy Sheep with questions galore!


Well tell us about the things that you dream.

Maybe you’re not as strange as you seem.


He tells them about his magical space

And all the good things in his own dreaming place,


You can’t dream like that; it’s not what sheep do.

We can’t be seen talking to sheep just like you.


But Dreamy says “I can dream what I want.

That’s why I’m happy and sadly, you’re not”


I think he is right, says the Big Boss Sheep.

Perhaps we should all go have a quick sleep!


dreamy sheep

The sheep all lay down in the cool gentle grass

Drifting off very gently, as boss sheep had asked


Later they wake and the sun’s going down

But like woolly jumpers, they all prance around.


I had a great dream, let me tell it to you.

No, don’t do that because I had one too!


The sheep were so happy they gave Dreamy a prize

For being so clever and dreamy and wise


So next time you see sheep just lying around

You’ll know they are happily dreaming on clouds.


one dreamy sheep