My Weakness.

It was a fancy spread, cupcakes and parfait glasses sitting side by side.  The table was a mass of colour and calorie.  In the middle was the star of the day, a pineapple cake complete with its green crown reigning supreme like a pterodactyl guarding its spoils.

I looked longingly at the chocolate mousse cake; my lips could already feel that velvety richness sliding into tastebud heaven.

“Mum, do you want to share a dessert?” asked my elfin daughter with the elfin appetite.

Share?  That word isn’t in my vocabulary when it comes to chocolate and dessert.

With a little leverage from the arm of my elfin but surprisingly strong daughter I managed to excavate my rear end from the chair and stood, armed and ready to attack the dessert table with gusto.

An elbow here and a hip bump there and suddenly I am at the head of the queue.

“Aren’t people nice?” I say to my daughter but for some reason she is standing a little way apart from me.


I picked up a bowl and spoon and began to trawl the table looking for chocolate delicacies.  That pterodactyl guarding the table was a little off-putting but not enough to dampen my appetite.

I have perfected a technique that allows me to crush huge serves into my bowl without being obvious so I managed to stuff it with the remaining serves of mousse cake and make it back to my table.

I can’t wait to taste those delicious layers of chocolate cake and chocolate mousse.

I pulled up my chair and lower myself carefully into it but suddenly feel myself flopping to the ground.  I hit the floor with a thud.  How embarrassing.  But even worse, my bowl has fallen with me, landing upside down in the lap of my favourite blue dress.

Not the mousse cake!  I’ve been waiting for it all night.

Conscious of everyone looking at me, I slide my hand out to the fallen spoon and grasp it securely, bringing it back to the mess in my lap.

Well, they didn’t think I’d waste it, did they?