1st Floor: Welcome mats… 3rd Floor: BBQ?

Never let a small space stop you from having a memorable party.  It is all in the atmosphere!

It was a bit of a climb up the cold stairwell and all those flights of concrete stairs at the best of times, but carrying a fully loaded Esky made it a true test of endurance.  Three whole flights!

The invitation said to come for a BBQ, but I can’t imagine where it will be.  There is no free space at that block, and I know for a fact that there is no BBQ.  Still, the invitation was cute, all wrapped up in gum leaves, so how could I say no?

We knocked at the door and it was opened by a vision in shorts and thongs complete with sunglasses and cap.  “Welcome to the BBQ! You aren’t allowed in without complete protection”, he said as he daubed zinc cream onto our noses.  We struggled with our Esky into the lounge room.

blowflyThe lounge had been emptied.  There was no furniture at all, and the ground was covered with a couple of picnic rugs.  There were Esky’s everywhere and sitting on top of them were some prime examples of the rare, zinc-nosed Aussie.

Around the walls, in corners of the room, were small branches from a gum tree, giving the impression that we were outside.  Strung from the roof were beautiful black plastic blowflies which unexpectedly brushed our heads occasionally as we moved.

A folding table was sitting in the far corner of the room and it held all the BBQ necessities like sauce, paper plates and napkins.  Strategically placed on the side of the sauce bottle was another plastic fly.

From the kitchen wafted the fragrance of char-grilled sausages and smoke was being drawn out by the wide open windows.  The entrance to the toilet was graced by a large black plastic spider sitting in her web.

Even the doors to the bedrooms had been decorated with road signs saying “Stop” and “No through road.”  The hosts were cooking or wandering around with their snag in bread, offering sauce and sunscreen as they went.No through road

This was one of the best parties I have ever been to.  The atmosphere was warm and fun, with the BBQ theme carried on throughout the whole flat.  Everyone was relaxed, as you are at BBQ’s; they weren’t restricted by the formality of furniture.

The key with any celebration in a small space is to really work the theme.  No-one will notice how small the house is, or how odd the location.  Pick a theme that will be comfortable for those attending and do it thoroughly.  You can’t really go too far over the top with a theme, as long as you take all your safety issues into consideration. Plan all your little touches of atmosphere (like the plastic flies) and place them where they will be noticed.  They are the things that set your mood.

Then all you have to do is party long and party well!